Luxury Brand


During good economic times or economic boom luxury brands flourish. But they also seem to flourish even in times of crisis because of their quality and brand value. But the concern of the time is counterfeits who also flourish by making cheap fakes of the luxury goods and selling it by oprerating online businesses. So the brand management teams of the luxury brands should be aware of such things and should actively get involved in monitoring and taking action against any infringement so as to maintain their brand value.

We at Domain Tegrity have expertise in providing a wide range of services to protect and manage brands. We work along our clients to offer strategic planning and management ways to protect their brands. Our services include:

Management of domain name portfolio

Services for recovery and acquisition of domain names

Services for monitoring brand

Services for new gTLD applications

It is our commitment to our customers that we will keep their domain safe and secure with the help of our dedicated team and partners. Better protection of brands will surely ensure success for our clients.