Domain name management



Domain Name Management:

DomainTegrity is an ICANN accredited administrator offering domain name management services for various firms across sectors. Some of the major services provided by DomainTegrity are to register, manage and renew domain name portfolios. The extensions available with DomainTegrity are gTLDs, ccTLDs and new gTLDS.  Major clients of DomainTegrity include global leaders in the sector of food, finance, fashion, media, luxury goods, online games, media, pharmaceuticals and yet more.

We offer high level technical solutions, robust systems and expert advice to our clients to ensure trouble free domain name management. DomainTegrity is popularly known in the industry for its

  • High quality service
  • Transparency
  • Expertise solutions

DomainTegrity welcomes you

            Are you a new client looking to enter a deal with us?  You have to know that DomainTegrity works for the client’s fullest satisfaction. We have furnished our process for new clients to reduce the cost and efforts to be put in by you. This would also assure you with minimized risk. We promise to protect your reputation online.

Transfer plan for you

            We would provide you a worry free service for transferring your portfolio to our care. DomainTegrity holds a highly efficient Project Management methodology to transfer your portfolio with minimized risk. We care for your websites which makes us to ensure the live domains before transferring. So that we can create an appropriate transfer plan that satisfies your requirements along with the deadlines. We provide you with options that would enable to reduce the cost involved in transferring the portfolios. Beyond all this, DomainTegrity ensure optimal allocation of all possible resources to ensure efficient and effective transfer.


            DomainTegrity comprises of a hand-picked group of client managers, each and every manager is an expert in the majority of top level domains. The DomainTegrity team has varied knowledge about every registry. The highly expertise team performs domain name registrations across the globe.  Beyond registrations, we also advise on new launches and keep you updated about further opportunities and the risk involved. DomainTegrity also provides services to help the client acquire other existing domains and support to recover them.


            The majority of service providers lack in the quality of renewal process, but we expect our clients to stay with us for a longer time. This motive of us urges us to provide extremely good quality renewal process.  DomainTegrity is proud to convey that our renewal process is the most secure and highly robust in the industry. DomainTegrity assures a non-delay renewal process which will be done by the client manager itself. Renewals will be notified in advance to keep you posted about the status of your domains.

Assigning a domain name

            DomainTegrity, while assigning a domain name follows a well efficient model to under deep checks, to lock third parties, to maintain the existing setting and obviously to minimize risk. Client managers employed are well trained and hold good experience in working with these processes.

Local Presence

Our local presence services or DomainTegrity’s network of local agents is highly reliable and resilient that enables it to register, renew and manage domain names all over the world. The network of local presence will be supported and maintained continuously to ensure protection from failures.

  Special Portal for our special clients

 DomainTegrity has come out with a management portal through which authorized clients or users will be privileged to access our services any time and from anywhere. Beyond this, the portal can also be used for the purpose of searching, reporting the portfolio, checking renew period, ordering new names and still more special features. To even more simplify he work load of our clients, DomainTegrity instructs respective client managers to perform these tasks on behalf of the clients.

To mention some high class technical support that are offered by our portal are

  • Enables website activation
  • Rapid search tools
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Domain portfolio management
  • Renewal instructions
  • Registrations and so on

We offer you confidentiality

                       DomainTegrity promises you regarding the security of your data including passwords. So to impart security, we maintain an escrow account to secure your details. Escrow account is applicable for data all around the world.

DNS Services

 Apart from all the services mentioned above, DomainTegrity also offers DNS services. With no additional cost, clients can host their domain names on DomainTegrity’s servers. Premium DNS are also offered for the premium names. Highly reliable technical architecture that imparts security as well has been established with 24/7 helpline services.           

Clients are our assets:

           DomainTegrity considers clients as their major assets. So, our major concern is to provide benefits and delight to customers further to the price charged. Some of the services that we provide to our clients are

  • DomainTegrity publishes newsletter for every quarter, which is a means of communication to its clients.
  • Newsflashes are also released when emergency concerns arise, which in turn provokes a need for protection.
  • Every client would definitely have a dedicated client manager, who manages from the beginning till the end. Client managers would advise, suggest and recommend on strategies, new arrivals and developments to ensure smoothness and rigidity in all services provided.