Domain Name Portfolio Management


Effective Domain Name Portfolio Management
It is a common phenomenon for business managers dealing with global brands and licensed trademarks, to have a plethora of domain names registered for effective promotion and protection in niche markets, endorsements and campaigns, online forums, etc. Such managers are required to regularly upgrade and update their portfolios to be in tandem with the latest developments. This complicated yet significant job requires prioritizing and management. There are hosts of organizations who relieve domains that might be critical for your business.

Domaintegrity as Domain Name Portfolio Manager
Our company is a portfolio management company catering to domain name registration and management. Our client managers have expertise in this territory and their expansive market knowledge provides our clients with the most trustworthy and riskless service. We hire only professionals and employ safe connection systems. This enables our company to provide our clients with secured domain names and a portfolio that can be updated, renewed and divested as per client instruction. We provide a 100% hassle free and holistic management of client profile.

Our Assistance
For clients who are introducing a new brand in the market, apt domain name is a mandatory requirement. Our team will help you to acquire the desired domain name. For clients relieving domain names, we provide evaluation and discard irrelevant registries. We also provide guidance to our clients regarding the introduction of several gTLDs and the impact of the same on their portfolios.

Why Choose Domaintegrity for Portfolio Management
Domaintegrity ensures its entire clientele with a 100% guarantee of dedicated and reliable service. Brand protection is one of our major priority and we attempt to provide maximum security to the registered domain names. We simplify the procedure through our expertise and provide complete support. Some of our main features are:

We value our clients and helps forge long-term relationships with our prestigious clients.
Our company is a market leader in the territory of domain name portfolio management.
Our service are customized to best fit the needs of the customers, accommodates changes and                 quick to respond to developments.
Talented pool of professionals who are experts in domain name industry.
Domaintegrity has presence in various brand safeguarding forums and conventions like INTA,                ICANN, ITMA and more.
Our employees overview the entire domain name lifecycle, right from registration, acquisition,               renewal to disposal. We provide a one of a kind complete hassle free experience for our clients.

Hire us to be on top of your game.